Turning 50 is gold!
I entered my golden era last 26th of June 2019,
by shaving my head as a way of supporting family and friends who are battling cancer.

I am a corporate wellness consultant partnering with founders, and key movers of communities and organizations — igniting human capital. I am also an artist and author, whose mission is simple but clear: to guide people from wellness to holistic prosperity.

The value that I bring to my partners and collaborators comes from more than 20 years of frontline experience in managing performance and training leaders in multi-cultural environments. It was then that I witnessed the impact of stress, anxiety and depression on one’s productivity and overall well-being. This became my inspiration to empower individuals to foster life balance, improve self-awareness, and make better choices toward maximizing performance.

In addition to my Personal and Corporate Wellness Coach Certifications, I also completed the YTT 200+ (Yoga Teacher Training) Certification Course in Yogadarshanam School, India. The ancient philosophies from that life-changing experience, and my deeply rooted interest in Ignatian spirituality have been tightly integrated into how I design my life and others. I believe that wholeness entails possessing a healthy balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit; while encompassing a person’s active process of discovering and applying the full force of both our gifts and pains, to relentlessly better the circle of humanity entrusted to us, and allowing us to align and advance our shared mission with our teams and organizations and with society at large.

With wellness intervention as my baseline modality, enhanced with my knowledge and practice of Mindfulness, Neuro-lingusitic Programming, Emotional Intelligence, Basic Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki and other systems of natural healing, my wholeness designs prove to drive long-term impact, unleashing each of us to navigate around life's challenges, to keep finding our ways forward—be it towards peak performance, innovation and transformation, or overall well-being.

Currently, I am the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Ignite House of Innovation and the National Innovators Initiative. I mobilize teams from different sectors of the community nationwide to power 100,000 careers through various accelerators. I am also launching two startups in the field of agribusiness, and hospitality. 



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I live my Life Ignited by first, taking care of my self wholly

— so I can give the best of who I am to my family, and the people I am called to serve. 

And today, this is where my Life Ignited has taken me. These are my passion projects, advocacies and business ventures in partnership with Ignite House of Innovation, Home of Innovators — and other teams and organizations.

Graduation Caps


A career and OJT accelerator for college students and fresh grads who want 2x job options and 2x earnings potential within 12 months of graduation.

It is a community and app-driven platform designed to mold college students and graduates into future high-income and high-impact professionals. 


"Who am I? Why am I here? What was I born to do?"

We started building Lifepad O/S powered by Ignite GPS (Genius, Purpose, Service) under Ignite Centre for Peak Experiences, early this year. This is a highly evolved version of my Dream Life Masterplan for OFWs that never came to fruition.

It is a self-paced, app-powered, community-rich peak experience to help you design and launch your Life Ignited in 100 days or less.

Rocket Launch





Ni2 is a nationwide initiative of Ignite House of Innovation that unleashes the innovator spirit from ordinary citizens.

This partnership with universities, corporates and local government units,  operationalizes innovation in
1-, 3-, 30-, 60- and 90-day cycles
- so that key sectors of business
and society can jump right in, and power 100,000 Filipino innovators by 2023.


"It is an unstoppable gift that keeps on giving."

TEP is our solution to address the lack of deep human connection because of the pandemic. It starts with an invitation, from one person to another, to pause the busyness of life for 60 minutes of  kwentong buhay.

Guided by digital flashcards that prompt deeper and deeper questions, this conversation between two friends is auto-translated into reflection notes that rely on software intelligence to surface the most actionable and powerful opportunities for growth.

Abstract Shape


"Wholeness is more than just taking care of our body, mind, heart and spirit."​

In 2019, I co-founded Ignite Centre for Peak Experiences under Ignite House. We architect and design solutions that unleash Genius, Purpose and Service in pursuit of peak greatness. We foster this transformational change by means of iconic experiences, discernments and declaration of practices and behaviours.


"Land is meant to yield crops, and trees are to bear fruit."​

Suscipe Farms 222 opens JG Barns by year 2022. This is our very first partnership with farm owners to create viable and sustainable ventures — by transforming idle lands into an exclusive Farm Staycation, which promotes agricultural co-creation opportunities, holistic wellness, and related advocacies.

Blade of Grass
Dog Spa


"We are what we eat. And everything that's good to eat comes straight from nature. No stopovers."

Cuke is a short word for cucumber. And cucumber symbolizes growth, financial gain, and abundance. 2021, I partnered with Zaril Lifestyle Store, and designed a product line of organic goodies — grown and packed by trusted farms and manufacturers. 


"Effectual Wellness as a state wherein holistic prosperity is achieved through sustainable self-care habits, and a winning mindset."

I designed my programs around these 22 values, inspired by the eight levels of progress of Ashtanga. My experience of Samadhi was during my one month journey in India. This state of pure bliss or what I call holistic prosperity can be experienced by practicing this ancient stream of yoga which aids to unite the body, mind and spirit — manifested by living our truest essence which is of LOVE and LIGHT.

Sandy Beach
Paint Supplies


"Art heals."

Combined with the practice of mindfulness, art becomes a very powerful tool to bring awareness to the inner movements of our soul to express our deepest truths, bringing us to equanimity and homeostasis. I share this through 'Mindful Strokes' by using various kinds of media, giving freedom to each person — artist or not.


"We all deserve to live a good life with the people we love."​

After 9 years of being an Overseas Filipino Worker, I started a community of OFWs to share content that builds, empowers and uplifts the spirit and morale of Pinays — aiming to add value to their lives so that they can successfully come home to the Philippines, and start anew along with their families.

Flying Seagulls