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For the last episode for the Wellness Angel Channel, I decided to make it chill and do an “Ask Me Anything” session episode. In this episode, I decided to answer some questions sent to the page through private messages and share my experience during the last weekend.

I’ll share the questions and then show you how I answered them!

Q1: What is my turning point in becoming a Wellness Angel?

There is a deeper reason for the way we do things. When I was still working abroad as a flight attendant, I started experiencing the pains of aging.

I realized that we are unable to reach our dreams if we are unhealthy. How can we work on our goals if we are in our hospital bed? I also realized that there shouldn’t be shortcuts in taking care of ourselves the right way. When I came home, I decided to make the most of my advocacy. By treating ourselves the right way through wellness.

Q2: Why did I do yoga? How was it there in India when it comes to yoga?

By 2016, I got into a yoga teachers’ training in India by chance. I got invited by a friend, and the rest is history. I took my training in Ashtanga, India. It was quite a journey since there were no direct flights. Even so, there are many schools for yoga and students from different places and walks of life. Eventually, I fell in love with Indian food!

Q3: What is my diet? Is it hard not to eat meat?

I have been a pescetarian for six years. I don’t eat animals with toes. My body decided for me. How? Tocino used to be my favorite food. But when I came back home from India, its taste doesn't appeal to me anymore. I also consume fewer carbs. I seldom eat rice now. My diet made my food choices limited, especially in fast food joints.

Next, I’d like to share what happened last weekend. We had this Yoga Nature Retreat in Batangas. We climbed up to a private brook (batis) called Conde Itaas. It’s on the top of the mountain above Barangay Conde.

Unfortunately, it rained during that time. We didn’t manage to do yoga at the top, but we went down the brook. It took a lot of steps to reach the brook. We had our picnic, took a dip, and did our Shinrinyoku, or Forest bathing. We did yoga, practice mindfulness, and immerse ourselves in nature.

I believe nature itself is generous. Sometimes, we have to let go of things. Let us empty ourselves to make room for the blessings the universe will fill us with.

For #TeamReplay, feel free to watch this episode on my Facebook page @wellnessangel. If you like training sessions, workshops, and nuggets of wisdom, feel free to join our Wellness tribe. You can also check my FB page for more details and announcements!

Love and light.

Our last episode in the Wellness Angel Channel is about the power of pausing. Whenever I go solo in the episodes, I look for reliable sources about the topic and share my insights about them. I cited works from the Harvard Business Review and the US Veterans Affairs.

I also mentioned relational pauses, which are beneficial. You see, taking a break from the relationship does not mean breaking up. From my experience as an OFW, I realized that I say "I love you" more to my husband then. The distance helped our hearts grow fonder.

Find time to be away from one another for a while then seek out each other to rekindle the love more. It allows us to keep our sense of self and not lose our own identities.

Pauses are a big deal for me. I am a typical workaholic. Oftentimes, I work in the morning, take a power nap, and once I get into the zone, I work my way through the evening. There are so many things happening and the turn around time is so short that I forget to take breathers. I did suffer the consequence of not pausing enough, which took a toll on my mental health.

Why are pauses beneficial? Let me share the wonders it does for the body, mind, and soul.

*For the Body

  • It boosts awareness towards healthier choices.

  • Reduces stress.

  • Maintains interest for better work quality.

  • Decreases the risk of injuries.

*For the Mind

  • Helps us live life more.

  • Experience more moments and focus on the present.

*For the Soul

  • Allows us find the balance between active and inactive

  • Lets us to be more in tune with our faith and the whispers of our hearts.

To enjoy these benefits of pauses, here are my personal tips for doing pauses:

For the body, I encourage everyone to know their body well and be BFFs with their own body. Conduct a full-body scan. Start at the crown of your head and work your way down all the way to the tips of your toes.

For the mind, practice mindfulness. One way to do this is to make your own mind gym. How? by setting our alarms. For example, once we hear our alarms go off after an hour of work, it’s time to take a short break. Use it as a way to appreciate your surroundings. Look out the window and watch the clouds. It helps clear the mind and focus better.

For the soul, do some meditation. Praying and worship is also a way to pause. Reading inspirational books could help us pause for a moment in life and think deeper.

Remember to pause as much as you need. Recharge and re-calibrate to be whole again for you and other people.

If you are part of the #TeamReplay, feel free to watch this episode on my Facebook page, @wellnessangel.

You are also welcome to join our wellness tribe and enjoy free sessions and nuggets of wisdom. If you want to start your journey to a life of wellness, you can check out our retreats and coaching sessions.

Love and light!

On our last episode for the Wellness Angel Channel, we tackled all about having our home sweet home. It’s all about environmental wellness. It’s how to choose a place that allows you to live with gratitude and fulfillment.

I invited my friend, Lyra Sanchez, who has been in the real estate industry for decades now. She shared her experiences and her insights on picking the best place to be your home.

Houses are a big investment. Once we buy our own houses, it completely changes the trajectory of our lives. It’s like beginning a new chapter.. That’s why decisions must be carefully made.

Lyra and I shared our childhood experiences. We are both thankful to have parents who ensured that we get not just a good childhood, but a happy one as well. They all picked the right location and types of house. We felt comfy since we knew the people in our neighborhood — knowing that there is someone looking out for us.

The environment can affect us mentally and emotionally. That’s why parents must check on their children’s mental wellness. As a parent myself, I chose a place wherein I can be assured that my son is safe and sound.

Our houses should be our safe haven and mustn’t be stressful. We would like to share some things one must consider when buying a new house.

1. ) Location - Safety and accessibility are the top priorities. Is it safe for us to go home, especially during nighttime? What are the nearest landmarks? Is it near our workplaces and schools? Are there guards checking around?

2. ) Type of House - Bungalows or one-story houses are the most recommended. It is friendly for all ages. Having stairs can cause accidents. Besides, life moves fast. As we grow older, our house will feel bigger. As much as possible, make your purchase your 'forever home.'

3. ) Budget - Ensure that the house is within your means. Aside from the sale price itself, there are other fees such as mortgage and taxes to deal with. Financial matters can bring a strain on household relationships. That is why having all bills paid on time and being debt-free are the best feelings in life! Appearances can only help so much but what’s inside matters most.

4.) Capacity to maintain - Having a house does not end in getting a house. We maintain it, keep it clean, and ensure it is in good shape. Too much clutter brings a lot of stress into our lives. Simplicity brings peace of mind. We have more room for the things that matter and spark joy.

Environmental wellness is where we choose a place that will fill us with love, peace, and joy. It must have security, is accessible, and has a stress-free environment!

If you are part of #TeamReplay, you can view this episode on my Facebook page @wellnessangel.

I also want to invite you all to my group coaching sessions and upcoming retreats. If you want to level up and join us toward a fulfilling life, you can check my page for more details!

Love and light!

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