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For last night’s episode of the Wellness Angel Channel, we discussed Financial Wellness in the Workplace.

I invited Coach Dee Orosa Sarol as a guest for this episode. She is a transformational sales coach. Coach Dee shared with us her insights, her experiences, and her struggles on her journey to achieve financial wellness. I also shared some nuggets of wisdom, and my insights, and asked questions about what she does.

So let me ask, "What is financial wellness?"

Coach Dee shared that financial wellness is a state wherein money is working for you. It is that level of achieving financial freedom wherein you reach a point where you actually stop working because you have amassed capital income.

She said that we should think of the magic number. The magic number is the amount of money we achieve wherein we can say we have achieved financial wellness. To know this, ask yourself this question.

“If you were retired today, how much do you need each day?”

Coach Dee also mentioned that financial wellness can be a sensitive topic for Filipinos. Some of them have unique money management skills that drive them poorer. That’s why she advocates creating a module called Financial Fitness 101. It tackles basic financial literacy. It aims to equip people to take action towards their financial goals.

As a corporate work-life consultant, I agree that financials can impact the well-being of employees. If organizations enforce the idea of having financially stable employees or zero-debt employees, productivity would be increased.

We emphasized that vulnerability is our bridge to connection. It is the X-factor that makes up a successful financial talk. Whenever we impart our struggles to other people, we become more relatable to them. That way, they may feel more comfortable approaching us. Let us also learn how to go beyond, not just when the policy has been issued. We are there in every step of others’ journey towards wellness.

Once we achieve financial wellness, we can put more of our hearts and energy toward self-actualization. We’ll learn how to transcend every time we stumble.

For more questions with Coach Dee about financial wellness, you can reach her via Facebook at Dee Orosa Sarol. If you want to catch up, feel free to watch this from my Facebook page, @wellnessangel.

You can also join our Wellness Tribe to enrich yourself, empower yourself, and equip yourself with self-actualization.

Love and light!

In the last episode of the Wellness Angel Channel, we discussed the power of morning rituals. Why do you think that morning ritual is very powerful?

Like I have always done in my previous podcasts, I look for reliable sources and share my insights about them. According to research, morning rituals help us be more purposeful, more intentional, and more focused for the rest of the day. A powerful morning ritual makes it easy for us to be in the zone.

From an article written by Bryan Adams of PH. Creative, I shared morning rituals done by successful people. I chose my favorites: Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, and Oprah.

Tony Robbins would do three sets of Kapalabti Pranayama or breath-work yoga. Oprah Winfrey would meditate, get moving, and eat a healthy breakfast.

Finally, Steve Jobs would get up, make his bed, and then look at the mirror. Then he asks his reflection, “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I'm about to do today?"

If the answer was no, then he’d start making changes.

I'd like to share with you the morning ritual I do. I shared this countless times with my students. What I do every morning is that I sit at the side of my bed, allow myself to be in the present moment, and do my BELOVED morning ritual.

  • B - Belly breaths

  • E - Elevate your arms. Tell yourself, “I align myself on my highest purpose.”

  • L - Lifting up your heart. For self-affirmation, say “I am ____”. Fill that blank with something empowering.

  • O - Overhead stretches

  • V - Victory curls. Remember that for every victory comes humility.

  • E - Embrace yourself. You can swing back and forth if you want.

  • D - Divinity pose. Put your palms together and it’s time to do your morning prayer.

This morning ritual is powerful because it considers the body, the mind, and the spirit. It is a holistic way to jump-start your day in as fast as five minutes.

If you want to catch up on this episode, and learn how to do the BELOVED morning ritual, feel free to watch it on my Facebook page @wellnessangel. You can also join our Wellness Tribe! Align yourself with your highest purpose in our community.

Love and light!

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful time!

On the last episode of Wellness Angel Channel, I talked about Self-Affirmations. Is self-affirmation good for us, or are we just fooling ourselves?

Are you a believer in self-talk? Where are you when it comes to self-talk?

Like in every podcast episode, I tackle topics and relate them to the research I do. I got my insights from an article written by Marney A. White, Ph.D. MS Psychology. This article is published in Healthline. It says that affirmations are a self-help strategy to boost self-confidence and belief in one’s self. It allows us to shift our mindset but it is not a magic bullet for instant success and healing.

Our brains have this ability to reorganize and rewire called “Neuroplasticity”. How does this manifest in our life? By doing things that are new to us! For example, I’d like to share the time I challenged myself to do the Paro-Paro G Tiktok trend. I found that trend amusing, and doing it was a completely new experience for me. I thought that it was going to be very easy to execute the steps. But it took me a long while to perfect it. I never had the guts to post it on TikTok by the way.

I have also found that professional athletes use self-affirmation, especially during competitions. They even go to sports psychologists to prepare themselves. And the support and cheers they receive from the people around them give them an extra boost. Michael Jordan said that the game is about mindset — it's 80% mental. Mind and action go hand in hand together toward success.

Self-affirmation combats self-sabotage.

I showed this finger demonstration to show how powerful affirmations are. Hook your pointer fingers together and fill in the blank while saying it out loud, "I am ____", then try to pull your fingers apart. Have you noticed that whenever you say something negative, your grip weakens? Meanwhile, positive ones give you a strong grip. That’s how self-talk can influence our bodies.

Remember, no one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.

Let me share this morning practice I do and teach to jump-start our mornings. It is the “Beloved”. The “L” word means “Lift up your heart”. So, open your chest and shoulders, and tell yourself the positive things you want to hear!

Want to watch a replay of this episode, head on to my Facebook page @wellnessangel. Join our Wellness Tribe to give your days a great start through our free sessions!

If you are an aspiring cabin crew, I’d like to invite you to our Group Coaching Hybrid Experience in collaboration with Mond Ortiz via Zoom. We will allow you to go through a mock screening process, identify what you need, and create your roadmap to success.

Love and light!

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