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Do Appearances Really Matter?

After speaking or delivering workshops, some unfamiliar faces would approach me. They would say, “You don’t look your age. I think yoga really makes you look young. I really love your topic. That mindfulness exercise is really something.”

I may not remember some of their faces, yet they all remember me! First impressions last.

We can learn a lot about people by looking at them and listening to how they talk. If we look pleasant and carry ourselves well, we maintain our positive image, commitment, and professionalism. For some of us, we represent our organizations so appearances are crucial.

We keep our gestures, words, and facial expressions in check to make others feel at ease. We want them to feel important, comfortable and validated.

We also gain the confidence of the people we encounter. We either convince the client to work with us or gain consideration of colleagues towards our ideas. We get to share our little nuggets of wisdom, and watch how we add value to the lives of others when they practice what we preach.

Looking great boosts our morale. We feel limitless and confident, motivated to give our best. Dressing for success is not some random quote. It is a way for success to find you.

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PS, This photo was taken two months after I shaved my head when I turned 50 — two years ago.

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