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Finding Wellness In Gratitude

Have you ever felt your heart flutter whenever someone smiled and said thanks to you? It feels great, right? One of life’s simple yet greatest pleasures is gratitude. According to a study conducted by Robert A. Emmons and Cheryl A. Crumpler,

"Gratitude is an emotional state and an attitude toward life

that is a source of human strength in enhancing one's personal and relational well-being."

Gratitude is something special that gives strength to people and encourages them to create changes towards a better future. Some of us tend to underestimate how much impact it brings. Even so, it comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

First, let’s find out how gratitude manifests in ourselves. Studies have shown that gratitude allows us to sleep better, feel less fatigued, and have less likelihood of heart diseases. Our mental fortitude also grows stronger, making us more satisfied and less materialistic. It gives us more room to be kind and to uplift our overall well-being.

Now, how can it help others? Gratitude is one thing that binds us all together. You see, when we show kindness, we are inspired to pay it forward. We get to forge better and healthier social bonds. We create a healthy social environment for ourselves and other people.

Have you considered creating your gratitude journal? A gratitude journal is where you list the good things you have and count your blessings! What are you thankful for? Take time to jot them down. You’ll be surprised how blessed you are once you’re done!

Gratitude goes a long way in this journey called life. Let us all stay well and inspired!

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