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Oh, Mindfulness — the Art of Doing Nothing

Winnie the Pooh has always been one of my favorite classics. Aside from the fact that the characters are so adorable; they never fail to share a nugget of wisdom. As we grow older, it gives us more time to think about our aspirations, works-in-progress, and what hinders us from achieving them.

One of my favorite quotes from Christopher Robin's 2018 film is, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.”

I, like many others, have lazy mornings. I open my eyes, stare at the ceiling while feeling grateful that I am still alive. Then I gaze out the window, smile at the floating clouds and the bright blue skies. After which, I bring my attention to my breath and just allow myself to enjoy the present moment. Before I know it, an hour has passed, and I haven't gotten started with my morning ritual. As I get out of bed, I feel bad for wasting a good chunk of supposedly productive time.

When the day ends, I forgive myself, and recognize that it is okay if I have my humdrum days. After all, I've never failed to deliver results. I'm good at getting into my flow zone whenever it's time to grind.

We are back in the doldrums again right after the new year. We see the people we know getting sick left and right. Many of us are experiencing mental distress, and have become even more anxious. We wind up berating ourselves for something over which we have no control.

It’s alright to simply exist, and survive whatever life throws at us. No need to feel the pressure of being useful all the time. Even if we think we're accomplishing nothing, we're actually only getting started on something big.

When we practice mindfulness, we elevate our self-awareness and take control of our thoughts. It triggers creativity that can suddenly bring up a slew of new ideas! Who knows? One mundane thought could open the door to more opportunities of success!

Let's find time to do nothing every once in awhile. Be well!

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