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Why Is It Important To Have Trust?

Trust is what establishes and strengthens a relationship. It allows each one of us to live harmoniously. It is one of the things that is easily earned but hard to return once it is broken. Trust provides so many things that keep connections alive.

First, it allows us to feel secure in our relationships. People want to have that sense of security no matter where they go or whoever they interact with. Even businesses do everything to secure the trust their customers have given them.

Secondly, it helps us feel we belong. Let’s face it. Even if some of us are used to doing things alone, there is still a small yearning that we could belong in a connection that allows us to be ourselves. Hiding behind a mask can be a burden oftentimes and it would make us feel so much if we have someone who sees us beyond that.

Third, the ability to contribute. You see, when there is trust, it allows us to reach out and to help others easily. We will be able to share our things, our time, and our effort. People are more comfortable with us showing kindness without second-guessing if there was a catch.

Fourth, it keeps our mental health in check. If there is trust, we don’t need to hide our real selves and we can be vulnerable. It allows us to vocalize freely without the fear of being judged. When we struggle with our mental health, one of the things we do to cope up is reach out to the people we trust.

Trust is indeed wonderful no matter the relationship. We shouldn’t also use trust as a weapon to manipulate others because they might end up distrusting people around them.To maintain peace is to maintain trust.

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