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Joana Alberto

Turning 50 is gold!
I entered my golden era last 26th of June 2019, by shaving my head as a way of supporting family and friends who are battling cancer.

I am a corporate wellness consultant and an innovator, partnering with founders and key movers of organizations igniting human capital. I am also an artist and author, and an effectual wellness coach whose mission is simple but clear: to guide people from wellness to peak wholeness. The value that I bring to my stakeholders comes from ​more than 25 years of frontline experience in managing performance, and training leaders in multi-cultural environments. It was then that I witnessed the impact of unhealthy behaviors and limiting beliefs on one’s productivity and overall well-being. This became my inspiration to empower individuals to improve self-awareness, foster life balance, and make better choices toward maximizing performance.

About Me: Welcome
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In addition to my personal and corporate wellness coaching practice, I am also a yoga and mindfulness teacher, and practitioner of other self-care and natural healing modalities. My life-changing training in India and my deeply rooted interest in Ignatian spirituality are tightly integrated into my secular programs. I believe that the first step to wholeness entails possessing a healthy balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit; and the conscious effort of discovering one's gifts and purpose in life, to relentlessly make a difference in the lives of the people that matter to us most.

I am the designer of EWS, Effectual Wellness System. It delivers solutions that are focused on helping people lead a balanced life through sustainable self-care habits and a winning mindset. It is a fusion of 22 Wellness Nuggets — founded on the eightfold path of Ashtanga Yoga, the use of software apps and innovation methodologies, and principles of compassionate leadership. It aims to provide a deeper learning experience in order to drive a longer-lasting impact on holistic wellness.


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Let's take care of ourselves wholly, so we can give the best of who we are to our family, friends, and the people we are called to serve. 

These are my passion projects, advocacies, and business ventures in partnership with Ignite House of Innovation, and other organizations and teams in the past decade.

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