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Banish The Doubt

A lot of us are no strangers to doubt. We would scrunch up our eyebrows and give skeptical looks. With so much fake news and troll circulating today, we all have the right to be doubtful about everything we see and hear..

But when we fill our hearts with so much doubt, we end up discouraging ourselves from trying. Yes, it is alright to stay safe. There is no problem if we want to remain as it is. But isn’t it more fun if we could banish the negative thoughts, and try doing something new for a breath of fresh air?

Depriving ourselves of the opportunity to turn our lives for the better can be the biggest heartbreak we could give to ourselves. We would end up wondering about the “what ifs” and “what could have been's”.

It’s alright to prepare at your own pace. It is important to have a safety net, after all. Once the winds are in your favor, you can spread your wings and fly! If you are forced to land, it’s alright! You can take off, and fly again.

Doubt blinds us from faith. Faith allows us to have the ability to turn “impossible” into “I’m possible.”

Let us banish those fears and light up our lives. Subscribe to my blog!

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