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How Does Wellness Relate To Our Soul Purpose?

For our last episode on Wellness Angel, we talked about flying high. It is about how we can soar literally and figuratively. In this episode, I invited Sir Mond Ortiz. He is an aviation digital content creator and an entrepreneur.

What has passion done with wellness? Once you feel like you have found your soul purpose, it motivates you to wake up each day. It makes you feel whole.

Mond shared how he started working on his dream. It all started with the toy airplane gifted by his uncle. He fell in love with airplanes and would talk about them non-stop. He initially aspired to be a pilot. Due to restraints, he decided to take another path and enter the corporate field. Then the plot twist? His corporate work would circle him back to his first love: aviation.

Mond also explained how he resigned from his corporate work, without many plans. He tried out so many things and met different people until he built his brand as an aviation digital content creator.

I also asked him what are his gifts or his "genius". He replied that he considers himself "thick-faced". He didn't mind what others think as long as he does what he can do toward his goal. He was also his teacher and self-taught a lot of things.

To wrap up, here are the realizations we discussed in this episode.

  • We can always seek out our purpose, even in our companies.

  • We have to find a sweet spot. We have to know the people we want to serve.

  • Finding your passion is like finding where it feels like home.

  • If you are not doing any of your life gifts or what you are supposed to be doing in life, something from within will eat you up.

  • There is wellness in loving the work we do.

  • It feels priceless whenever a stranger thanks us for inspiring them.

  • Relationship-building is important! Without these people, how will we be able to serve them and share our life's purpose?

  • Living our life's purpose is not just for ourselves but for the people we surround ourselves with.

  • Our deep joy is something that cannot be taken away from us.

  • Our purpose will serve as our anchor. It will help us withstand and conquer challenges.

If you are an aspiring cabin crew or want to learn more about aviation, stay updated with Sir Mond's content! You can follow and subscribe to any of his social media platforms.

Facebook: Mond Ortiz

Instagram: mondortizph

Youtube: Mond Ortiz

Tiktok: mondortizph

If you want to be a part of the #TeamReplay, you can check the recorded episode on my Facebook page: @wellnessangel

Want to give yourself or your loved ones the gift of wellness this upcoming holiday? You can head to my Facebook page for more details!

Love and light!

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