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Immersing Ourselves in Nature For Wellness

For the last episode for the Wellness Angel Channel, I decided to make it chill and do an “Ask Me Anything” session episode. In this episode, I decided to answer some questions sent to the page through private messages and share my experience during the last weekend.

I’ll share the questions and then show you how I answered them!

Q1: What is my turning point in becoming a Wellness Angel?

There is a deeper reason for the way we do things. When I was still working abroad as a flight attendant, I started experiencing the pains of aging.

I realized that we are unable to reach our dreams if we are unhealthy. How can we work on our goals if we are in our hospital bed? I also realized that there shouldn’t be shortcuts in taking care of ourselves the right way. When I came home, I decided to make the most of my advocacy. By treating ourselves the right way through wellness.

Q2: Why did I do yoga? How was it there in India when it comes to yoga?

By 2016, I got into a yoga teachers’ training in India by chance. I got invited by a friend, and the rest is history. I took my training in Ashtanga, India. It was quite a journey since there were no direct flights. Even so, there are many schools for yoga and students from different places and walks of life. Eventually, I fell in love with Indian food!

Q3: What is my diet? Is it hard not to eat meat?

I have been a pescetarian for six years. I don’t eat animals with toes. My body decided for me. How? Tocino used to be my favorite food. But when I came back home from India, its taste doesn't appeal to me anymore. I also consume fewer carbs. I seldom eat rice now. My diet made my food choices limited, especially in fast food joints.

Next, I’d like to share what happened last weekend. We had this Yoga Nature Retreat in Batangas. We climbed up to a private brook (batis) called Conde Itaas. It’s on the top of the mountain above Barangay Conde.

Unfortunately, it rained during that time. We didn’t manage to do yoga at the top, but we went down the brook. It took a lot of steps to reach the brook. We had our picnic, took a dip, and did our Shinrinyoku, or Forest bathing. We did yoga, practice mindfulness, and immerse ourselves in nature.

I believe nature itself is generous. Sometimes, we have to let go of things. Let us empty ourselves to make room for the blessings the universe will fill us with.

For #TeamReplay, feel free to watch this episode on my Facebook page @wellnessangel. If you like training sessions, workshops, and nuggets of wisdom, feel free to join our Wellness tribe. You can also check my FB page for more details and announcements!

Love and light.

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