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Financial Wellness In the Workplace

For last night’s episode of the Wellness Angel Channel, we discussed Financial Wellness in the Workplace.

I invited Coach Dee Orosa Sarol as a guest for this episode. She is a transformational sales coach. Coach Dee shared with us her insights, her experiences, and her struggles on her journey to achieve financial wellness. I also shared some nuggets of wisdom, and my insights, and asked questions about what she does.

So let me ask, "What is financial wellness?"

Coach Dee shared that financial wellness is a state wherein money is working for you. It is that level of achieving financial freedom wherein you reach a point where you actually stop working because you have amassed capital income.

She said that we should think of the magic number. The magic number is the amount of money we achieve wherein we can say we have achieved financial wellness. To know this, ask yourself this question.

“If you were retired today, how much do you need each day?”

Coach Dee also mentioned that financial wellness can be a sensitive topic for Filipinos. Some of them have unique money management skills that drive them poorer. That’s why she advocates creating a module called Financial Fitness 101. It tackles basic financial literacy. It aims to equip people to take action towards their financial goals.

As a corporate work-life consultant, I agree that financials can impact the well-being of employees. If organizations enforce the idea of having financially stable employees or zero-debt employees, productivity would be increased.

We emphasized that vulnerability is our bridge to connection. It is the X-factor that makes up a successful financial talk. Whenever we impart our struggles to other people, we become more relatable to them. That way, they may feel more comfortable approaching us. Let us also learn how to go beyond, not just when the policy has been issued. We are there in every step of others’ journey towards wellness.

Once we achieve financial wellness, we can put more of our hearts and energy toward self-actualization. We’ll learn how to transcend every time we stumble.

For more questions with Coach Dee about financial wellness, you can reach her via Facebook at Dee Orosa Sarol. If you want to catch up, feel free to watch this from my Facebook page, @wellnessangel.

You can also join our Wellness Tribe to enrich yourself, empower yourself, and equip yourself with self-actualization.

Love and light!

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