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How Mindfulness Benefits Our Bodies, Hearts, and Minds

Mindfulness helps us to put our heart and spirit into a space of being intentional when making choices to attain peak performance. We allow ourselves to be in the present moment, look at the past without judgement, and foresee our future without fear or worries. We bring ourselves into full awareness of what truly makes us happy, and to move us forward to an abundant life.

So how can we practice mindfulness in our everyday lives?

Mindfulness for our body

It is important to connect with our body — every part of it. Our bodies are our vessels to do great things. That is why we must treasure our health well. Take time to scan and move your body everyday — from head to toe. Stretch, bend, rotate, contract, raise, lower; just move each part of your body while bringing your full attention to the energy in motion. Allow yourself to observe, and appreciate each muscle and bone moving at your command.

Mindfulness for our hearts

Find time to have a meaningful conversation with a loved one each day. It doesn't have to be long. What's important is that you give your full attention to that special someone. Be fully present. Find joy in that simple encounter.

Mindfulness for our minds

Nothing beats a powerful morning ritual. Simply focus on your breath before getting out of bed. This will help us avoid mental chaos, stay focused, and be in control of our thoughts for the rest of the day. When times get tough, let's find a healthy way to turn away from toxic thoughts, such as expressing ourselves through art, or simply go for a mindful walk.

Mindfulness can be our guide towards an optimum level of living. It will help us forge our path towards our purpose. Every journey is a series of fork roads, but it’s up to us which one shall we take.

Let’s be a step closer towards wellness in this fast-paced world. Practice mindfulness.

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