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Putting Work Out at Work

Staying active is one of the keys to wellness. If we enrich ourselves physically, we also get enriched mentally and emotionally. But let’s admit it, a lot of us are struggling to find time to get fit in the middle of our work shifts.

Why should we stay active while in the middle of work?

Studies have shown that having active opportunities at work showed a significant improvement in performance and workplace dynamics. Meanwhile, workers get better moods, sound sleep, and protection from diseases. Their creativity, focus, and memory skills also improve.

It’s a win-win situation!

Here are some tips to remain active while in the workplace:

  • Take walk breaks. If you’re working from home, step out.

  • Create adjustments on your work commute, like walking or biking to your workplace.

  • Do some quick stretches at least every 20-30 minutes. I love arm stretches and neck flexion exercises.

  • Take the stairs.

  • Keep workstation-friendly equipment in your area, such as weights and hand grips.

  • Use lunchtime as an opportunity for something more intense, like 10 squats perhaps or high lunges.

Finding time to be active during work may be challenging but the benefits are worth it! There are many resources for easy and quick office workouts. Time to say goodbye to mid-shift energy dips and hello to workdays filled with wellness.

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