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Quiet Quitting: Its Causes And How It Affects Our Wellness

So glad to be back after taking a month-long break because of Covid!

Let’s all look back on the last episode of the Wellness Angel Channel last Monday about Quiet Quitting.

Quiet Quitting has become prominent with Millennials and Gen Zs. In this episode, my son, Mikey Alberto, joined us. Mikey is blazing his own trail in e-sport psychology as a coach and analyst. He is currently taking up a Masteral degree in Psychology in Ateneo de Manila. We discussed what we read, shared our insights about it, and even called one of our viewers to answer their questions.

What does Quiet Quitting mean? For me, that is when we start acting like robots carrying out commands. Heart is no longer needed because we find no meaning in our work.

What makes a person start quiet quitting? Here are the top causes we enumerated:

1.) Breached Boundaries

The pandemic made people start working from home. It had blurred the lines between work and home. Since we are online most of the time, some bosses tend to call for us beyond working hours. The lack of boundaries can be our stressor.

2.) Unrelated work from the agreed job description

Sometimes we are forced to take on tasks beyond our area of expertise. For instance, a content moderator was asked to handle digital marketing. We would simply take it and do it to preserve harmony and prevent repercussions.

3.) Unfair workload

How our superiors and colleagues treat us can affect the quality of our work. If we feel like the workload is unfair, it impacts our mental health and how we view our co-workers.

4.) Lack of purpose

People do not just work for financial motivation alone. Our reason for working and giving our all is one way to live a fulfilling life. If our work does not make our hearts soar, it becomes lackluster. Like I said earlier, we'll be like robots on auto-pilot.

Quiet quitting has a domino effect at work. Any abrupt changes can be alarming to an extent. It may disrupt the normal flow of operations. Businesses should consider how to keep and care for their employees. There is no one-size-fits-all.

How can we get out of this sticky situation? First, we need to pause and sit down. Take the time to identify what has been bothering us and the possible solutions.

Next, explore possibilities. The first step toward self-love is exploration. Know our strengths and weaknesses. Learn new things. Whatever makes you happy and gives you a deeper meaning.

From there, find a job you will love and will love your back. A job that gives us a reason to smile and get excited when we wake up in the morning. We all deserve that.

If you want more, feel free to catch up on this episode at the Wellness Angel Channel Facebook Page @wellnessangel. You can also join our Wellness Tribe, and we can help you find your inner truth.

Love and light!

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