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Why You Should Draw The Line?

Helping others has grown on me ever since I was a child. As a former flight purser and leadership trainer, I have made a career out of assisting, and empowering other people. I put on a friendly front, and delight my passengers easily. I promptly respond to their needs, and requests.

Serving others is something that we should all strive to practice. We get this warm fuzzy feeling when we lend a helping hand. It makes us happy when we can make someone's day better. However, when it comes to supporting others, we must be aware of our limitations.

Why? Eventually, being too helpful can burn us out.

Sometimes, we may not notice that some are already taking advantage of us. How can we help others without compromising ourselves? Simple. By setting healthy boundaries.

Setting boundaries does not mean being selfish. It’s self-care. Why is it important for us to know when to draw the line? Here are reasons why:

1.) Boundaries safeguard our safety and well-being.

2.) Boundaries establish genuine connections based on trust and respect.

3.) Boundaries conserve our social and emotional batteries.

4.) Boundaries make more time for worthwhile activities.

5.) Boundaries provide us with greater room to grow.

We all have our own set of what makes us uncomfortable. We must be clear about our boundaries and respect those of others. Let us first fill our own cups so that we might fill the cups of others!

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