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Adding Groove In Our Lives

I juggle a lot of tasks, and wear a lot of hats all every single day. I’m not going to lie: on days which are more challenging than others, I feel like quitting. One time, I decided to do my work while listening to one of my favorite classic songs of the 70’s, September by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

With the help of its upbeat melody, my mood has lifted, and I feel more energized. It gave me the impression that my task was going more smoothly and quickly.

Music therapy is an evidence-based practice used by experts to assist people in recovering, improving, and maintaining their health.

How can music affect our overall well-being? Here are some pointers below:

  • Music improves our mood and cognitive performance;

  • It expands our attention span;

  • Our perception and creativity are enhanced;

  • Lowers our stress levels, blood pressure, and muscle tension;

  • Reduces pain and anxiety;

  • Promotes better interactions. We might never know who’s actually a fan of the artist we are listening to!

  • Improves our overall life quality.

Music is both a form of art and science. When we listen to the kind of music we like, it refreshes us. Thanks to music, many social relationships have been formed. It heals our souls, and we get to unleash our inner creativity.

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