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All We Need Are Hugs!

I am a hugger! Hugs never fail to make my heart happy. What else can be more comforting than a hug from friends and loved ones? When we are happy, we offer hugs to celebrate. When we are sad, nothing beats a warm hug with a reassuring hand rubbing our backs.

Even when the pandemic went on the rise, our virtual hugs were enough to comfort people with our presence. No matter how far apart we are from one another, we still get to express our love and care.

Studies have already proven that hugs are essential to us. For better health, we have to at least hug someone for 20 seconds. Our brains release oxytocin or “the cuddle hormone” to lower our stress and blood pressure levels.

Hugs are also beneficial for strengthening ties with our loved ones.

All of the words we are unable to communicate can be encapsulated in a hug. Our loved ones will immediately understand.

We develop empathy, which allows us to bring understanding and harmony into our interactions.

Sure enough, that’s the magic of hugs. When the world seems to go crazy, a hug is enough to put everything back into place.

Have you given someone a hug today? Go hug someone today, and let’s live a life ignited.

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