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Be Someone Your Past Self Would Thank You For

When we were kids, we were always asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

We'd smile as if we were certain of and answer with confidence. But as we grow older, we tend to question what we truly want. We might even end up surprising ourselves by the change in our aspirations and dreams.

And that’s okay.

Change is tough and scary but it is a necessity. It is our driving force for enrichment and creativity. So, what do we do? Go on at our own pace. Stop comparing ourselves with others. Let’s face our fears. Take risks and learn from mistakes. Take up a new hobby. Enrich our network. Spread kindness everywhere. Share our experiences, and inspire people.

After all, we only get one shot in life. We can rewatch our TV series as many times as we like but we can’t rewind life.

As we grow, we feel the world seems to get crazier as we age. But let us not forget the simple joys we had when we were younger — bath in the rain, dragonflies and fireflies, fried chicken and spaghetti, hide and seek, blowing bubbles, ghost stories, Jack ‘n Poy, Santa Claus, fireworks, and the list goes on...

To my Mini-Me, I hope you are proud of me. I became a woman blessed with love, courage, and compassion. I want to thank you for surviving all these years, for the teachable moments that allowed me to turn my pains into gifts, by serving others; So, I can be who I am today.

Let me ask you. If you are given a chance to talk to your younger self, will they thank you today? What wacky stories will you share with them? What were the realizations that came along the way? What advice will you tell them?

Life is about deep joy, and meaning. Let me share with you how you can live that kind of life.

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