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Beyond Sentimental: Why Is It Nice to Capture Memories?

Have you ever logged into your Facebook account and the first thing you see is something you posted years ago? Did it make you smile or cringe?

I love Facebook memories! I would always click and scroll the rest of the photos of the years that passed. It's like a documentary of my life journey.

Thanks to technology, taking videos and photos became more and more accessible. We can effortlessly capture and share priceless moments with our loved ones. It is also a good conversation topic, especially during reunions!

Thanks to social media, we get to update our circles quickly about our musings, and what sparks us joy at the moment. Every victory is celebrated despite the distance.

We also get to witness how much people change throughout the years. I’d look back at the younger photos of my son, Mikey, and be proud of how he had grown into a fine young man. I'd even browse through old pictures of myself! My mind would drift back to the days when I could eat whatever I wanted, without adding inches around my waist. Just kidding!

Our posts in social media serve as windows through which we can observe how we develop as a person in all aspects of our lives. For example, we know people who take photos of their weight loss journey. That is why I always advise people who embark on transformational programs to document their progress by taking snapshots of their wins. It also enables them to assess their strengths and flaws.

Capturing memories is people’s way of stopping time. It is the mark of our existence. The proof that shows we are here.

Now, look at your old photos then your most recent ones. Can you see how far you have become as a person?

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