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Changing Your Goals? It’s Normal!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

As a wellness angel, I have people asking for assistance to shape not just their body, but their dream lives. I often meet OFWs who want to return home permanently. Due to circumstances, they still can't. They're not ready financially, mentally and even emotionally. So I ask them what kind of life they want to live back at home with their families. For those who manage to come home for good, just like me, (no matter how much they prepared) they had to make adjustments entirely different from what they had initially mapped out.

Designing our dream life serves as our road map; our guide in making the best decisions for ourselves and our loved ones and to reach peak fulfillment. Like in archery, we have a target. We are the archer; the resources we have are the bows and the arrows. Then we practice shooting until we hit the bull’s eye. And sometimes the bull's eye is a moving target, thus we need to just fire to see how much we need to realign and change our plans.

But there are times, we need to switch targets.

Life is a series of lessons that are full of both answers and questions. Sometimes, there are unanswerable questions. Part of our growth is learning and unlearning things. Our priorities shift as we grow older. As we age, our priorities evolve. For example, when I was younger, I could feast on junk food without gaining a single pound. Now that my metabolism is much slower, I need to practice mindful eating to maintain my ideal weight!

It’s okay if we change something in our plans. Life is never a straight line. We all grow and our priorities change. What we wanted 20 years ago may not be what we want today. Our loved ones are also growing up. The world is evolving so fast. Change is inevitable. It is completely fine if we do some tweaks and adjustments here and there. What's important is we enjoy the crooked path, and appreciate the surprises that pop up around the corners.

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