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Creativity Brings Wellness

I am a firm believer that each one of us should have our own creative outlet. When we create something out of our hands, it channels our energies into something beautiful. No need to fret if we feel like our poem doesn’t rhyme well, if we can only draw stick men, and can only hold private concerts in the shower.

Many studies have concluded that art helps in healing. It helps us find meaning in our lives, and keep ourselves balanced.

When we encourage creativity, we encourage people to be their most authentic selves. We find healthier ways to channel our energy. I know many people who find themselves creating better works of art when they churn out emotions they have been repressing.

You see, art is much more beautiful when it comes from the heart.

If you want to create something for venting purposes, try buying those mini blank notebooks. Feel free to fill it up with the things you want to express. Doodle. Throw in some text — just words that come to mind. Don’t pressure yourself to make it pretty, and you can leave it incomplete. Who knows? Your future self might be able to draw some inspiration from it!

To help us embrace positive emotions more, let us remember to tap into our inner artists. Art can be our form of mellowing when we feel like the world is going too fast. Art is also the best way to banish mental and emotional blocks. It keeps us stimulated as we keep seeking our purpose.

Let’s get creative, and splash bright and lovely colours in our lives!

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