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Curious About Reiki? Why We Should Try It

When I was searching for inspirational videos, I suddenly stumbled upon this video that offers ASMR, and a virtual Reiki session at the same time. I was amazed when I read the comments where they have felt tingles and a sense of relaxation seep into their systems.

I was actually an active Reiki practitioner before I left AbuDhabi 2016. I think that Reiki is a great way to jump-start our journey towards holistic well-being. If you want a boost of wellness, you can try out different forms of natural healing — like Reiki.

What exactly is Reiki? It originated from Japan as a way of healing energies. It is believed that each one of us has a life force energy flowing inside our bodies. When we are upset, apprehensive, or otherwise agitated, our life forces are less likely to flow freely and end up being obstructed.

The purpose of Reiki healing is to remove those blocks and to promote healing, and overall wellness.

What can we expect in a Reiki session? First, it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to Reiki.

The practitioner will ask you to sit on a chair in a quiet setting. They will first help you relax, and maybe perform some breathing exercises before doing the actual session.

Then they will place their hands a few inches above your body using hand gestures without actually touching it. It generally lasts around 20 minutes or more.

Expect to feel some warm and tingling sensations throughout the session. Some may get emotional or end up crying. That is normal. After a session or a few more, you’ll find yourself refreshed and less tired.

You’ll get to enjoy a better quality of life, and may feel relieved of some of your physical pain.

This October 9, my Reiki Master Kasey Conrad and team are launching a global initiative called ‘Reaching Out With Reiki’. If you know someone who’s a cancer survivor at all stages of cancer, and at any age, a Reiki practitioner or would like to volunteer please visit the site

Let’s live a life ignited by spreading love and light.

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