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Cutting Off Toxic Ties For Our Self-Being And Wellness

Let us look back on the last episode from the Wellness Angel Channel. We’re now on the second part of our ‘Letting Go’ series. It focuses on letting go of toxic people, like unlikable friends and co-workers.

We have all experienced a toxic friend or a toxic colleague. Like everyone else, I had a couple of bad ones. It felt like someone pushed me into the mud and stepped on me. It was traumatizing. Such experiences took a toll on my whole well-being. Thankfully, I was able to manage by practicing mindfulness and breath work.

In this podcast episode, I gained insights from the American Psychology Association. I also found information from Heidi Lynne Kurter of Forbes Magazine. In this podcast, I discussed the warning signals of a toxic person and the effects of being around them. The APA emphasized the importance of social connections. It also stated that social disconnection is as harmful as smoking up to 50 cigarettes per day.

Yes, social connection is essential to our happiness. But we have to ensure these connections are healthy for us. How can we spot a toxic person?

Here are the ten signs we should watch for:

  1. Playing-the-victim syndrome;

  2. Taking more than they are giving;

  3. Gossip mongering — this is deadly, especially in the workplace;

  4. Fault-finding — they always seek and nitpick on our faults, making us feel we never do anything right;

  5. Negaholic — If that person has so much negativity, their energy could affect us and drag us down;

  6. I, Me, Myself — Building oneself is important but there is a limit. It’s difficult to deal with narcissists;

  7. Refusal to accept and take responsibility for their mistakes;

  8. Mr./Ms. Congeniality — Only acts nice when needed. In short, they’re a fraud.

  9. Overly competitive;

  10. Overly ambitious — There’s nothing wrong with working towards ambitions. But we shouldn’t step on others for the sake of our goals.

Now we know the signs of toxic people, let us find out the five ways they could affect our well-being

  1. We doubt ourselves as they subconsciously demean us.

  2. We feel manipulated.

  3. We get short-changed.

  4. We get stressed

  5. We feel drained.

There are circumstances wherein we still have to spend our time around toxic people. For example, in the workplace. How can we protect our inner peace from them?

First, we must practice gratitude. Shift our focus on building ourselves. We must not let toxicity live inside our heads rent-free. Then next is self-affirmation. We must fuel ourselves through meaningful self-reminders about the good things in life. And last, surround yourself with your home team. Your home team is the people you know who got your back. May it be family, your partner, or your closest friends!

Sometimes, we need to realize that letting go of people can bring more good to us. It’s not our fault why others treat us badly. These toxic people are broken people who need help. Even so, we have to remember that we cannot heal others all the time.

If you want to watch this podcast, feel free to visit my Facebook page @wellnessangel. You can also join our Wellness Tribe if you are seeking guidance towards wellness and track your improvement!

Love and light!

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