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Disconnect to Reconnect: Reasons Social Media Detox Is Good For You

Social media has allowed us to keep connected with people in our circle during quarantine. We see them post their home offices, what keeps them sane during the quarantine, the latest Tiktok trend they are dancing to, and their successful attempt of making dalgona coffee.

However, social media can be stressful, and being cooped up at home can exacerbate the situation. Our news feeds tend to become overrun with negativity. Can’t we just chill together online and maybe watch some funny or inspiring videos?

Planning to do a social media detox? Here are reasons why we should:

1.) We get to protect our information

Privacy is important. A social media detox allows us to be more in control of the information we share! Too much shared information can harm us!

2.) We get to avoid FOMO and stop comparing

FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out. We may think that good things only happen to other people. This could make us feel insecure about ourselves with our heads filled with whys. Let us shift our focus on the aspects that make us awesome.

3.) We get to improve our mental health

According to studies, being exposed to social media increases the likelihood of experiencing mental health problems such as sadness and anxiety. Unplugging for a moment may help improve our moods and clear our minds.

4.) We get to have more time for meaningful things

Being online 24/7 may make us feel we lack time. Reclaim lost time by doing some exercise, strengthening our artistic abilities, reading a book, writing poems, and so on.

Back in 2011, I went on a social media cleanse and found how much it changed my life! It taught me how to manage my reliance on technology and to make the most out of my 24 hours.

Want to live a life ignited? Subscribe to my blog and let’s make it happen!

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