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Dividing Our Goals Into Objectives

I was an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) for 9 years. I was a flight attendant based in the desert, but I was globe trotting most of the time. Despite this wonderful lifestyle, there were a lot of times I felt homesick. Moments when I simply missed my family. I felt awful about missing Christmases, New Year’s eves, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions with my loved ones. I had this big goal back then. To live a life of joy and meaning once I decided to return home permanently.

My resolve to come home for good was not an impulse decision. It was not an easy one, I tell you. I had to break down that big goal into objectives. I made sure to accomplish my objectives first which served as my steps towards my goal. I made tons of preparations. I prepared myself holistically — emotionally, financially, and mentally. I even asked God for a sign before I had finally decided to clip my wings after so many years of flying.

Why should we break down big goals into objectives? Objectives give us more defined and measurable steps to achieving our goals. These tell us what targets we should be hitting. These prepare us for the bigger things that we might encounter. These also help us not to get too overwhelmed and maintain our focus. When we accomplish our objectives, we hit two birds with one stone. We get to fulfill something. Plus, we are a step closer to our goals.

Think of our big or long-term goals as if we’re eating steak. Wait! I’ve been pescetarian for 5 years now. Let’s change that to lobster. We don’t simply attempt to gobble up the whole lobster. We might end up choking and ruin our appetite! We cut it into small pieces so we can bite it down easily, separating the shell from the meat carefully. We get to savour its firm, yet soft and smooth texture with much gusto. We take the time to appreciate the taste, along with the actual dining experience.

Objectives allow us to appreciate the journey. They become our milestones for growth. Small wins turn into big wins.

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