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Embrace Stress, Embrace Wellness

Let’s recall Wellness Angel Channel's fourth episode last night: How can we turn STRESS into our friend.

What’s your stress level these past few days? Are you stressing over something you did or something out of your control? Our stress levels can never remain constant as long as we live. It will keep fluctuating no matter what we do.

Stress is, well, a part of life. Our bodies are wired to experience stress and respond to it. Our stress levels had also increased due to the pandemic. According to statistics, one-third of the global population has experienced stress. We also have found out that the Philippines is the Top 2 most stressed country with a whopping percentage of 58%!

In this podcast episode, I tackled the top five sources of stress and ways to overcome them. I based my insights on studies published by experts in the American Psychological Association and Harvard Business Review. I also highlighted the definition of stress based on an article from Cleveland Clinic as a normal human reaction when we experience changes and challenges in life.

How can we spin stress into becoming our BFF? There are three ways to do it:

1. ) Acknowledge it exists. See it! We must be aware of our own stressors and triggers. Labeling our emotions during stressful situations is very important. Consider stress as a mindset-enhancer. It pushes us to seek long-term learning and growth. To do this you have to be mindful, not mind full!

2.) Say mine! Own it! Owning realization creates a positive motivation. Stress allows us to express how much we care. If we consider something or someone valuable, we stress over it. But it pushes us to do better and be better.

3.) Make it work to our advantage. Use it! Our bodies’ stress reaction is built not to destroy us. It is designed to make us stronger so we can beat the challenges in front of us. Think of the Caveman mindset: Stress makes us thrive and survive.

Can we be BFFs with stress and embrace it? Yes, we can! We can convert stress from weakness into strength. We are meant to overcome, learn, and evolve. If our forefathers face adversaries, mankind won't be able to continuously advance. That’s what makes us complex yet amazing!

If you need a quick fix when you feel stressed, do this easy breathing exercise. Do three counts as you inhale, then do more than three counts as you exhale. Repeat if needed. Pause and breathe.

Want to catch up with last Monday’s podcast? Check it out on the @wellnessangel Facebook page! If you are in need of an accountability partner, you can also join our tribe!

Love and light! See you!

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