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Embracing Our Unique Features

I am a proud Morena who considers herself beautiful!

We all have our moments of insecurities. It took me a long time before I managed to see myself as beautiful. I didn't like how dark and skinny I looked as I was growing up. I was also made fun of because of my skin color.

I used to look at the mirror then sigh. I felt insecure when I saw dark spots and deeper wrinkles. Then I tell myself that these flaws are completely normal! It's part of aging gracefully.

Later on, I realized that my self-worth can not be measured by my physical features.

Throughout my life, I've noticed that fads come and go. The same can be said of society's "conventional standard" of beauty. We may not look like the social media influencers and models we see, but we can always be our own standard of beauty.

Embracing our unique characteristics is the step towards self-love and self-improvement. Let us change our mindset. The reason we strive to enhance ourselves is that we love ourselves. When we put ourselves first, we glow differently.

We build our confidence from there.

Let us work on self-love and self-improvement; one step at a time. Subscribe to my blog!

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