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Finding Wholeness In Letting Go Of Material Things

Let us recall the last episode of Wellness Angel Channel’s fifth episode- How To Let Go. It’s a two-part series. Part one focuses on letting go of material things.

Are you a hoarder or a sentimental person? Are you a collector? What does your space look like? Do you have plans to declutter? If you do, this is for you.

Last Sunday, I celebrated my 53rd birthday. On my 50th birthday, I went on a self-discovery retreat and shaved my head bald. It was my prayer for my family members and friends battling cancer. As a woman, hair is our crowning glory. I admit it was difficult, and there were people against it. But I realized it was liberating to let go of the things I thought defined me.

That is why letting go adds value to our lives.

I gathered insights from reliable sources, like Catherine Roster and Princeton Study. I even got information from studies on MRI scans. From there, I tackled the effects of clutter and the perks of letting go of things. For starters, our brains are complex but quick to get overwhelmed. It means disorganized environments compromise our focus and drain our cognitive resources. Clutter reflects overabundance. Overabundance leads to chaos.

Excessive material possessions do less good than experience.

Here, I would like to share five reasons we need to let go (of things)!

  1. We get to organize our living space. An organized space is pleasing to the eyes and relaxes our minds. We can pinpoint what we need quicker. We get to save time and be efficient with our work.

  2. Clutter keeps us from moving forward. We have to gauge whether things from the past still add value to our lives. There is no harm in being sentimental. We have to balance it out and know which to keep.

  3. We learn contentment. We have to know when enough is enough. Anything that is in excess is not good for us. Contentment is also applicable to other aspects of our lives. It makes us appreciate simple things even more.

  4. Too many possessions can enslave us. Collecting and shopping can be addicting. But first, we have to plan out how to use our space to its full potential. This can prevent us from hoarding too much stuff.

  5. Clutter doesn’t add value to our lives. Taking our cue from Marie Kondo, we have to ask ourselves “Does it spark joy?” No matter how small or insignificant an item is, ask that question. We don’t have to let go of many things in one go. We can do it little by little if that helps.

Here’s a bonus tip from me. When letting go, make sure that these things will also add value to the lives of others. Think of creative ways to declutter. Take advantage whenever there is an opportunity to bring more joy to the people around us.

Decluttering can be difficult to do. But it brings so much impact to our lives and to the environment! Who knows? There are always hidden treasures only visible to the eyes of others.

Want to catch up with last Monday’s podcast? Check it out on the @wellnessangel Facebook page! If you are in need of an accountability partner, you can also join our tribe!

Love and light. Till next time!

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