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Five Ways to Build Each Other Up

Greek philosophers refer to 7 different types of love. I love how all of them sound. Try saying it out loud, and you’ll know what I mean: Storge, Philia, Eros, Ludus, Pragma, Philautia and our focus, Agape.

What is Agape? For Martin Luther King Jr., it is a love that seeks nothing in return. It seeks redemptive goodwill for all people.

For me, Agape is to practice empathy, compassion and ultimately love. It is that nagging feeling of wanting to give the very best of who we are without expecting anything in return. This deep and genuine desire to build others up, to be with them in times of need, and to celebrate with them in times of triumph.

How can we build each other up? Let’s try out these five ways:

Approach with kindness

Remember the Golden Rule? It will never get outdated. Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you. If we want to be treated kindly, we must also treat others the same.

Guide and Teach

The knowledge we impart to others will create an impact when the day comes. We are all learners and teachers. Without appearing to be all-knowing of course.

Affirm and validate

There are some dark days but we can always instill hope in other people’s hearts. A shoulder to cry on, words of comfort, and a listening ear are enough. Sometimes the most powerful affirmation and validation is your mere presence.

Put an end to angry words and gossip

Words hurt more than physical wounds. They can make or break a person. This is why we must be careful with the words we utter. The world can be harsh but we can be someone’s safe place. Remember what that cute little Disney rabbit said? “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

Encourage and enforce

People aspire to be someone better than their old selves. We can be that force who propels them to fulfill their highest potential and greatest promise.

People are like plants. We sprinkle water on them and give them light so they can grow. To build up each other, let us remember this simple acronym: AGAPE.

  • Approach with kindness

  • Guide and teach

  • Affirm and validate

  • Put an end to angry words and gossip

  • Encourage and enforce

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