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Five Ways To Maintain Mental Wellness Indoors

Mental wellness allows us to keep our minds creative, curious and stimulated. People can find their balance through the activities they enjoy. For example, my mind feels refreshed whenever I upcycle old branded bags by painting on them.

I feel stumped when an activity I'm doing isn’t mentally stimulating for me. It gets mundane. I feel stale, and feel like I am doing things half heartedly.

The pandemic might have changed the way we keep ourselves mentally stimulated. Even so, we can find alternatives, and use the power of the internet to our advantage. Here are some things that we can do:

1. ) Completing word games or puzzles

Puzzles are classic choices for a good pastime. It allows us to ponder, challenges our brain, and keeps us mentally stimulated. Although every thing now is available online, nothing beats the good old fashion game of scrabble and jigsaw puzzle.

2. ) Listening and watching documentaries

With many sources of media available, there are many documentaries we can watch and listen to. The last one I watched was a 2021 documentary film entitled 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible. I highly recommend it.

3. ) Taking up certification classes for fun

I started this 2016 before I left my flying career. I enjoyed taking certification classes because I attained more skills, and discovered more about myself. The last ones that I took were about the science of well-being and mindfulness. There are a lot of available certification programs online now. It's amazing that some of them are ridiculously so affordable, or even free.

4. ) Learning a new language

Learning a new language can be challenging especially when its structured in a way that is too far fetched from our mother tongue. I learned to speak Niponggo and Spanish. Although I'm quite rusty, it’s really fun when I get to practice them when I travel.

5. ) Read a book

I love reading self-help and non-fiction books. I would usually read two or three at a time. Most of the books that I enjoy would have a lot of markings on them. I would draw, and write my insights as they come while reading. So in a way, they become my journal.

As Ernie Baron once said, “If there’s no knowledge, there’s no power.” Keeping a sharp mind helps us take on challenges, prevent memory loss, and open your mind to new opportunities. It will give us more creative ideas, and even creative ways to make them come true.

Let’s keep our brains active, and be in control of our thoughts. Let's take care of our mental health.

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2021 documentary film entitled 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible ...I'll watch this tonight


the no. 1, 3, 4 and 5 which I used to do, but will try some documentaries for ways and enhancement of mindset as well. thank you for keeping us updated with's always reminding me with many things I don't do sometimes. Please continue to share....You are a blessing...

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