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Four Things We Need to Know About Courage

“Fortune favors the brave,” was a well-known Latin saying that many people adopted as their motto.

This is something I personally believe in. One of the reasons I've been graced with so many blessings in life is that I learned how to take courage. I was well aware that there would be many storms and adversaries. I must confront them if I want to create changes in my life and the lives of others.

Here are four things I’d like to share about courage:

1. ) Courage doesn’t mean recklessness.

We can't just leap out of a plane without a parachute or a safe landing spot when skydiving. We inspect the wind, the equipment, and a variety of other factors. In short, before we take the plunge, let us plan it out first. When venturing into the unknown, make sure we take calculated risks.

2. ) The outcome is not always favorable.

There will be times when we will face rejection. Even so, there will always be a fighting chance. A 1% chance is always better than zero. Know what we can control, and let’s do our best.

3. ) We have to stand alone.

There will be times when people close to our hearts may doubt our abilities. We have to accept that we cannot please everyone, even those we think we can count on. Sometimes the only person we can rely on is ourselves. That’s why self-love is essential.

4. ) Know When To Let Go

One of the difficult things to do is letting go. We have to admit that holding on is causing us more harm than good. So let us take courage to choose ourselves, let go, and believe that better things are on their way.

Courage does not mean the absence of fear. It is knowing our fears but still choosing to overcome them. It means we are ready to confront both positive and negative consequences with a smile in our hearts!

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