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Good Humor Brings Good Health

It is my habit during lunch break to recharge by doing some breathwork, and stretches before eating. And my dessert is not something I eat. It’s taking a peek at my social media accounts. I would search for posts of funny videos and memes of my friends that I could share via DM or private groups. I would consider it a gold mine if it would make me laugh out loud at my desk. It made me feel terrific, and somehow whatever stress I may have would seem to disappear in an instant! Not to mention, it made me more focused, and more productive with my work for the rest of the day!

We’ve all heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine,” and there’s plenty of studies that could back it up! Laughter offers numerous health benefits. It maintains both physical and mental wellness for peak performance.

Let us count the ways laughter benefits our overall well-being.

· Laughter is good cardio! They say that 15 mins of laughter can burn up to 40 calories.

· Laughter helps to alleviate stress, bottled up emotions, and physical strain.

· Laughter boosts our immune system, and keeps us protected from diseases.

· Laughter provides an outlet for emotional release and relief.

· Laughter connects us with people. It fosters positivity, and builds stronger ties with them.

A good chuckle can take away a good chunk of toxic energy in your life. Have you heard a good joke? Please share it with us so that we can laugh about it together!

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