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Good Sleep Is A Wellness Workout

Let’s look back on Wellness Angel’s third episode on What Happens When We Sleep

First, let me ask you. How are you sleeping? Are you the type who sleeps early or are you a night owl like me? Are you a drifter? Someone who likes to shift sleep schedules. Or are you the type who can sleep anytime, anywhere? Someone who can just lean back and doze off in no time.

When I was a flight attendant, sleep was gold. Back then, I had to make sure I get my afternoon sleep before a red-eye flight (those that depart past midnight), or else I’m doomed. That’s why I had to master the art of sleeping anytime, anywhere! It’s been six years since I had finally clipped my wings. Yet I am still trying to have a regular sleeping schedule like a normal person. Kidding! Although I know that I still owe my body so many normal sleeping hours to make up for the accrued jet lags that it had to bear.

In this podcast, I focused on sleep cycles, debunked sleeping myths, and shared tips on how to get good quality sleep. I based my insights on articles released by Sleep Foundation and Healthline. I also managed to draw inspiration through the workshop of Jay Shetty, the author of Think Like A Monk.

It all boils down to getting the quality sleep our bodies deserve.

Here are the 3S of quality sleep I’d like to share with you:

1.) Sun: Respect the circadian rhythm. Get as much light during the day. Our body adjusts to the amount of light that it is exposed to. If possible, refrain from using gadgets at least an hour before you sleep.

2.) Space: Make sure you have a conducive space for sleeping. Check if you are comfortable with your pillows, blankets, mattress, and other stuff. Don't forget to adjust the temperature (21 degrees Celsius if it's comfy for you) and the lighting (pitch black is ideal) if you need to.

3.) State: Prepare your body before you sleep. Eat at least three hours before sleeping. Reflect on your emotional state at the moment. Try not to sleep with a heavy heart. Practice gratitude and count your blessings.

To answer the question about what happens when we sleep, quality sleep repairs us in all aspects. We get to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. It recharges us so we can do more for ourselves and others while keeping our bodies in tip-top shape.

Want a simple life hack from yoga that will help you fall asleep? Cover your right nostril and breathe in and out through your left nostril. In the science of yoga, the left side of the body represents the moon's energy. It deals with the parasympathetic nervous system which is in charge of rest and digest mode. That’s why you can activate lunar energy or the left energy channel of your body by breathing through your left nostril.

If you are curious about last Monday’s podcast, feel free to watch it on the @wellnessangel page on Facebook.

Love and light. Till next time!

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