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How A Single Spark Starts Fire

Have you ever felt that you are the only one enjoying something, but you had no one to share it with? A lot of big things start from a series of small things.

Let us imagine ourselves in a room full of candles, yet only one is ignited. How can we make it brighter? By simply passing on the flame from that single candle.

We all aspire to have big things. We all wanted to create an impact — a mark in this world. How can we turn something small into something bigger? Here are the things we should remember:

1. ) Take courage

Great things happen because there are people courageous enough to start on them. Risks are inevitable but it’s better to take risks than regret not taking any.

2. ) Spread the word

It’s not enough if you keep it to yourself! You have to spread the word. Share it with your friends, loved ones, and even acquaintances. Show your ideas. Make yourself visible.

3. ) Try again

We must create a space for us to grow. Outcomes tend to differ between reality and ideas. We shouldn’t put too much pressure on ourselves. Pressure tends to remove the joys in the things we do.

4. ) Be thankful

No matter how small, each one of us can create an impact. We would probably never know how many lives we have touched in different ways. Let us give back the same support we have received!

Happy Bonifacio Day!

Remember that changes happen through passing on inspiration and building small blocks of improvement.

Let’s live a life ignited together!

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