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How Happiness Can Bring Us Wellness

Let’s look back on Wellness Angel Channel’s second episode: Can We Choose To Be Happy?

Each one of us wants to be happy. What we should be asking ourselves first is, "What can we do to be happy?" before we start spinning our own version of happiness.

Let us identify how much negativity are we experiencing in our lives. We can do this by having our own happiness meter. We well know that this meter fluctuates constantly. So on a scale of 1-5, let's pause and ponder how happy we are now. Wherein 1 is the lowest meaning we're not in a good space, whilst 5 is when we are smiling from ear to ear.

I'd say that the lowest I've gone in the happiness o'meter was when I became an OFW working in the Middle East. The feeling was unexplainable when I was far away from my family — missing all those milestones in their lives. While my five was when I walked down the aisle and said, "I do" and also when I gave birth to my child. As a wife and a mother, there is an explicable kind of joy the moment we see and hold our child for the first time.

Going to the heart of the podcast, I have drawn my insights from Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project, and from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Robert Waldinger’s study on the lives of 724 men in 75 years. Both works concluded that wonderful connections are crucial to our happiness. And according to Dr. Robert, happy people tend to live longer and healthier lives.

Here are some nuggets of wisdom that we can also apply in our lives if we choose to be happy:

  1. Clean up! Too much clutter can affect us and it takes a toll on our mental health.

  2. Connect with our loved ones and friends - Good social relationships work wonders. Aside from having a better mind and creating memories, it also protects our brain.

  3. Keep our loved ones closer! Keep and take care of the relationships that matter most. No need to pay attention to our local Marites (a.k.a. rumor monger) and her minions.

  4. Accepting ourselves and the other person - We cannot simply change another person but we can create change in ourselves and guide them towards a better version of themselves.

  5. Money is like health. It may not guarantee happiness but it makes our life easier.

In conclusion, let's go back to our question, "Can we choose to be happy?" And the answer is "Yes, we can choose to be happy — by choosing to do things that can make us happy." It's not like asking our fairy godmother to wave a magic wand and gift us happiness. This means we need to put in time and energy to work on our own happiness.

Want to find yourself happy before you sleep? Try to imagine friends and loved ones in front of you. Think who among them adds value to your life the most and send them loving energy as you close your eyes.

If you want to watch last Monday's podcast, feel free to catch up at the @wellnessangel page on FB.

Be well! Love and light!

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