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How Letting Go Made Me Feel Like A Winner

Letting go has never been easy. Looking back, I found myself deadheading home without turning back. A big question mark loomed inside my head. I love flying - as a flight attendant, as a cabin manager, as a cabin crew leadership trainer. It provided me with unforgettable moments, strong bonds, and a sense of security.

Despite it all, I chose to resign. I have clipped my wings yet a wave of relief and excitement washed over me. I thanked God as if I had hit the jackpot. It felt as if a blank canvas was handed over to me. I was free to use whatever medium, and go crazy with colors of varied hues and tones,

Yes, I had to let go of flying, a profession that had been closest to my heart for 27 years

In exchange, it made me realize how much power I have to touch lives and guide people holistically to reach their peak performance!

As much as we enjoy certainty, have you ever yearned to do something new yet something is holding you back? Want to take the risk and let go but unsure where to start? Here are some questions that we should ask ourselves before making that jump:

  • What are my reasons for wanting to let go?

  • Am I truly prepared to make the jump?

  • What are the possible plans I could make during and after the transition phase?

  • What should I do if things don't go as planned?

Once you have definite answers to those questions, then it’s time to decide whether to stay or to go. Letting go does not mean the end; it’s a transition, a new journey towards fulfillment.

Winners don’t remain in places where they do not see growth. Once they have accomplished something, they advance to the next level. They consistently train and challenge themselves to achieve peak performance.

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