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How Meditation Helps Us Find Peace In A Noisy Chaotic World

Whenever I need to get myself back on track, here’s what I like to do. I take out my mat, get comfy, close my eyes, and meditate. I self-reflect, de-clutter my mind, and bring back inner peace into my soul.

Nowadays, meditation has become a crucial practice for many people in the world. It has grown beyond monastic practices. It has integrated into our regular lives, no matter how busy yet demanding life gets.

Meditation is a tool that can offer us inner calm through difficult times and bring us tranquility in our chaotic world. It helps us find some semblance of peace amidst all this noise and living in the present moment.

Many studies have been conducted to back up how meditation is beneficial for us. It keeps our mental health in check by lowering our stress levels and anxieties. It also leads to physical health. When we feel more relaxed, our immune systems work better and respond more positively to stressors.

Meditation lets us be more mindful of our thoughts and reflections. It develops mental strength and emotional intelligence. It can lead us towards greater self-peace and a life full of wellness.

Enough of its benefits. Here’s a quick mindfulness practice that you can do anytime to train your mind to choose the thoughts that would serve you well.

Find a comfortable place. Sit upright. Square your shoulders, with your chin parallel to the ground. Take 3 nasal breaths in and out, as you slow down your breathing pattern. And then start focusing on your sense of hearing. Listen to the sound that you can hear from the closest to the farthest. And allow yourself to appreciate every sound that you hear. Be grateful for your sense of hearing. Stay in that moment for as long as you want, and end your practice by bringing your awareness again to your breath, just like the way you started. Whenever you’re ready, blink your eyes open.

Let’s seek our inner truths, by finding time to pause. Subscribe to my blog now!

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