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How Our Thoughts Shape Us Subconsciously

Five years ago, I branded myself as a wellness angel. I help out people achieve holistic wellness. I teach them self-care habits that impact their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. And I remind them that the only way to do this is by believing in themselves that they can.

That is, in fact, the first step to let go of unhealthy habits, and create new and healthy ones:

Go to your belief zone!

I notice that every time I tell myself something terrible, I tend to believe it? Whenever I belittle myself, it always backfires on me. With every self-deprecating word I utter, it slowly becomes my truth, and distorts my realities.

My negative thoughts also strain my relationships. At first, I may be judging others silently. Before I know it, I’m already acting differently around them. I might even say unkind words without intending to. And I know that these words may linger in their hearts and minds indefinitely. And this may trigger them to start acting and looking at me in a different way as well.

Thoughts are very powerful. It could affect our mindset, our self-image, and our perceived realities. So how do I choose the thoughts that would serve me well?

First, every morning, I take time to do some self-affirmations. I tell myself things that I wish to hear. I am great! I am beautiful. I am grateful. I am victorious, I am generous, I am abundant…. It’s a good confidence boost!

Second, when I am to face some extra-challenging feats, I tell myself, "I can do this!", and know that all will be well. If it doesn’t, I remind myself that as long as I’ve given my best, that’s all that matters. It’s a win, no matter what!

Third, I write down toxic thoughts that replay in my head. I rip it, and then throw it away. And then, I envision myself in a happy place. I smile, even if I don’t want to. I keep doing it and let it trickle down my heart, until my smile becomes real.

Lastly, I wrap my arms around myself. I remember that I am loved. That I am so worthy of being loved. People who know my value, appreciate my existence. There’s no other I. That's why I matter!

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