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How Wellness And Nature Go Hand In Hand

One of the best places to do holistic activities is with Mother Nature. Nothing beats a clean, green, and lush environment while I do my yoga practice. This is why I recently launched a joint venture and designed a business model that would transform idle lands into sustainable agro-eco and wellness tourism destinations. We want people to take time to unplug from the rat race and reconnect with Mother Earth.

Nature wellness is wherein we establish environmental-friendly surroundings. It emphasizes that nature aids in our journey towards our optimum level of life.

Have you noticed that whenever Mother Nature is sick, we get sick too? Our quality of life is closely tied with how we actively take care of Mother Nature.

Now, let us count the little ways we can contribute to saving the planet.

  • Taking walks

  • Cycling

  • 4Rs= Reduce, Reuse, Re-think, Recycle

  • Conserving energy and water by turning them off when not in use

  • Support local farmers by purchasing fresh produce — organic if possible

  • No need to print if not needed

  • Learn more about environmental issues and know how to be part of the remedy

Mother Nature is our great source of refuge and inspiration. She is also a reflection on how we put importance on ourselves. If we don’t take good care of our environment, it also comes back to us. We get sick and get exposed to many environmental hazards.

A green planet promotes wellness. It helps us find our balance and reach our peak performance.

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Khristine Coronia
Khristine Coronia
Mar 29, 2022


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