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Innovation Is An Endless Refinement of Ideas

Throughout history, people have undergone numerous transformations. When we begin an idea, we spark inspiration. This is where invention happens if we inspire inspiration. Then, through innovation, this will be carried on and refined.

For example, people used animal-drawn carts to travel around. Later, it evolved into automobiles and trains. If we wanted to go on overseas travels, we would board a ship and ride it for days.

And now, we can easily hop on a plane, and travel to another country in less than a day.

This is how innovation helps us make things more convenient and faster.

Aviation is a constant source of inspiration, innovation, and refinement. Back then, most believed that people flying was impossible. Until the Wright Brothers chose to build their own plane.

Although their gilder was a success, they intended to expand on it. These brothers developed an idea, put it through trials, constructed countless prototypes, and tirelessly improved it. Their aircraft served as a model for future aircraft development.

Their creation created the path for man to take advantage of the skies, and built bridges to development and stronger social ties.

When we have an idea, we sometimes get discouraged to make it happen. We are so terrified of failing and what others will say — so we under estimate our capacity to make it happen.

If it weren’t for the brave, curious, and hard-working individuals who had crazy ideas, we wouldn't be enjoying what we have right now.

But wait... there's more about being an innovator. Innovation is chaotic. It needs to be grounded on something greater than just a spark of inspiration to make it a winnovation — a winning innovation. Let's talk about that in another blog.

Don't be just an innovator, be a winnovator. It's time to blaze your own trail. Subscribe to my blog!

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