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'Lost and Found' By Choice

An American essayist, Henry David Thoreau said, “Not until we are lost, we begin to understand ourselves.”

There are times we encounter things unexpectedly. Our heads spin because we feel lost on what to do. Being lost is part of our journey because it allows us to learn more about ourselves, and do some soul searching perhaps. We unlock gifts we never thought we had. And more interestingly, we get to share these hidden gifts with others. One advantage of being lost is that we dare to go with the flow, and create opportunities for ourselves as we tread this unknown path.

On the day I clipped my wings, despite having created a dream-life masterplan for myself, I was lost. But I’m assured that I carry with me tons of learnings and experiences, and I’m ready to face whatever life throws my way. True enough, in less than a month after settling back home, I found myself on a plane to Bangalore, on my way to a life-changing month in Mysore, Karnataka, India — where my new found purpose crystalized.

As a flight attendant, I encounter spinners. These are last-minute passengers who can’t find their seats, so they end up going up and down the aisles, like headless chickens. Even if I don’t fly anymore, I still meet these spinners. But this time, they are those who are trapped in the rat race, or worse, those who are chasing their own tail — in pursuit of joy and meaning.

In reality, life has no definite directions. At times, it’s okay to go on an adventure and just figure out where to go along the way. Just make sure that you pack the essentials, ready your heart and enjoy the ride. Feel free to wander around, go onto detours, ask for directions, or get a guide — as you wish. The experiences and the lessons learned in your travels will serve as your best souvenirs and stories to share.

Have you been searching for deeper joy and meaning?

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