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Maintaining Wellness While Dealing With Difficult Clients

Hello, everyone! I am so glad to be back doing this series regularly since my month-long break!

For the 10th episode of the Wellness Angel Channel, my good friend, Lyra Sanchez, and I tackled Customer Service. I gave her a call and invited her to be our guest! She’s the CEO and Founder of Sanchez Realty Services. Since we both had long years of experience dealing with all sorts of clients, we discussed how to use wellness for customer service.

I am no stranger to customer service. I was in the aviation industry for 27 years. Let me share this one instance during my time as a cabin manager.

There was this French passenger who was traveling with his family — seated in business class. For some reason, the couple were being difficult as they boarded the aircraft no matter what my crew did. So I had to jump in and figure out what was going on. The father told me that they lost one of their bags which contains all their important documents while touring on their second day. And they decided to cut their trip short after getting exhausted going back and forth to the embassy so they could travel back.

When I told my crew about their unfortunate experience, the energy exchange inside the cabin immediately shifted. Both my crew and the passengers treated each other with respect and kindness. It is important to know, understand, and give more room for patience. Remember the iceberg theory? Humans only deal with the things we visually perceive.

Lyra and I shared three things to give better customer service.

First is problem prevention. Customer service is like putting out fires. As we gain experience, we also learn ways to prevent fires. We must choose people who are positive, kind, and easy to work with. For those challenging ones, let us practice more patience and compassion. After all, we’re building relationships.

The second is look for a mentor. The right mentor will ensure you learn something from a difficult situation that they're familiar with and provide you with insights and tools on how to deal with them.

The third is meditation. Meditation allows us to be mindful. We become more centered, and more in control. We also gave a summary of Mindvalley’s Six Phase Guided Meditation. Its main target is corporate people, especially those in sales and customer service.

Phase 1- Love and Compassion. The true essence of people is love. We are all capable of love, which emits compassion.

Phase 2 - Happiness and Gratitude. It is powerful if we wake up and start our day grateful and happy. It will fuel us for the rest of the day.

Phase 3 - Peace and Forgiveness. This can be difficult to do. Let us not forget to forgive ourselves for something we have done to others and to ourselves.

Phase 4 - Vision For the Future. Be definite. Visualize exactly where we want to go. Dreams will remain dreams if we don’t give them any details.

Phase 5 - Mastering Your Day. Action is also important. Let us work on our dreams and grow as we go.

Phase 6 - Support and Blessings. Believe in a Divine Source and connect with it for support and blessings.

If you want to catch up on this episode, feel free to watch the replay on my Facebook page @wellnessangel

Want to jump start your day with gratitude? Join our Metamorphosis Wellness Tribe and hop in on our daily 5AM Meditation sessions with Coach AJ and other kindred spirits!

Love and light!

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