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More Than Just Words: How To Show Appreciation In the Workplace

Have you ever had a boss, a colleague, or a client compliment you on your work, and it completely made your day? As if it increased your self-esteem and inspired you?

All of us love being appreciated and acknowledged. We cannot deny the warm fuzzy feeling we get in our chests when we get compliments. It always makes us feel that all of our hard work is worth it.

It is a guaranteed way to brighten our day, and energize us to complete our tasks more efficiently.

The National Institute for Physiological Sciences in Japan did a study to prove that people work better when complimented. They concluded that receiving compliments is a social incentive on par with earning money.

For the organization to reach its objectives, we should also help each other to reach that mark. Nobody gets left behind.

How can we express our appreciation to our colleagues and bosses? Here are four ways:

  • Acknowledge their ideas

Always encourage cooperation and collaboration. People enjoy collaborating when they feel their ideas are valued. Create a space where everyone feels safe and empowered to share their ideas.

  • Practice Empathy

We don't know what struggles our colleagues are fighting during these trying times. But we have the power to offer them our sympathies, a crying shoulder, and a listening ear.

  • Show Thanks

We should always say "thank you" whenever possible. Let us thank them for patiently mentoring us, assisting us with our workload, treating us to lunch, and much more.

  • Pay It Forward

Whatever kindness has been shown to us, we should always return the favor. There are times when we just need to be kind, more than insisting to be right in order to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

A simple gesture of appreciation can go a long way. Why sustain a fear-based and negative culture when it is better, and more productive to foster a work atmosphere based on loyalty, trust, and teamwork?

Let us all live a life ignited. Subscribe to my blog today, and I'll send you a thank-you gift!

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