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Nature Wellness Helps Us Be Whole Again

Hello, everyone!

Last Friday, we launched our Hybrid Wellness Retreat Experience. That’s why we had to reschedule Episode 11 of Wellness Angel Channel to Wednesday so we could recalibrate. I consider Nature Wellness as something close to my heart. How can we take a break from the rat race? By re-energizing with nature!

I briefly talked about Shin Rin Yoku or “forest bathing”. I also cited scientific studies from Healthline and Lee Chambers. I shared stories about the retreat and even invited Lyra for a call so we could hear about her experience as well.

Scientific studies show that nature wellness impacts us positively. According to Healthline, the benefits are facilitated by not just visual stimuli but also by other senses like hearing and smell. See? Being one with nature helps us incorporate every one of our five senses.

When we talk about nature, the first thing that pops up in our minds is the forest or the fields. Just like what I did last Friday, I drove an hour or from Manila to Malvar, Batangas. We held our retreat at JG Barns by Suscipe Farms. It was a 3-day nature immersion. I often do sessions indoors. Yet this one felt different from the other sessions I had.

How? The cool breeze blows into our faces in the open fields. We hugged ourselves and even trees. We even meditated while it was raining and saw the tiny details of the grass. Through meditation, guided mindfulness, nature walks, and organic food, it felt like Mother Nature orchestrated everything. We’re just going with her flow.

It was a different sense of calm, peace, and joy.

As much as we should slow down and feel one with nature for a while, we can’t simply travel far to go to fields and forests sometimes. Here are some of my tips to be one with nature without going out too far!

  • Watch the skies. - During the morning, watch the clouds. Let your imagination run free, and enjoy the shapes clouds make. Then by nighttime, observe the moon and the stars. Embrace the moonlight and maybe spot a constellation or two!

  • Cuddle your pets - Hugging them feels like hugging Mother Nature.

  • Visit your local park - Local parks are a great way to relax and observe nature.

  • Take a walk outside - Being cooped up for too long is no good. Stepping out for 30 minutes will do wonders.

  • Take care of an indoor plant - Taking care of a plant is fulfilling. It allows you to have that bit of Mother Nature even in the comfort of your home.

Nature Wellness builds up our well-being. It enriches us, nourishes us, and recharges us. It is important to take time and enjoy nature in its purest form.

For a replay of this episode, feel free to view it on my page at @wellnessangel. You can also join our Wellness Tribe, enjoy our free sessions, and receive and share nuggets of wisdom.

Love and light!

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