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Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions!

I've been an inquisitive spirit who loves to wander and wonder since I was a little girl. If something piques my interest, I ask questions related to it and satisfy my curiosity. It can be from people, from books, or a quick Google search. It has always aided me in gaining new knowledge and sharing it with others.

As a result, when I was a cabin crew manager, I always reminded my coworkers not to be scared to ask questions. That way, we could assist one another and solve problems more quickly. It is always a good idea to reach out so that we can learn and help more people.

Asking questions also builds rapport! It could just be a simple, “How are you?” but it opens us to make deeper connections. It sparks our conversations and allows us to discover more about the people around us. Let’s ask to listen and to learn, in order to create meaningful bonds.

An American Chef, Anne Burrell, once said, “Part of being successful is about asking questions and listening to the answers.”

Success is not only defined by how many answers we can provide. It is also defined by how many questions and the quality of questions we ask. We develop wisdom and the ability to guide others. Think of it like handing the torch to someone, who then passes it on, and so on.

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