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Our Calling Is Our Purpose For Being Here

Each of us has a reason for being in this place and at this time. But here comes the tricky part. Many of us have no idea why we are here. Many of us had no idea what this crazy thing called "life" was all about.

When we enter the workforce, we might have struggled in finding our calling while doing our jobs. Or maybe turn our calling into our bread and butter. A job is something that puts a roof on our heads, and pays off our needs and wants.

A calling is something that gives meaning to one's life. It may not be as financially rewarding as a job for some, but it certainly fills our hearts and spirits.

Finding a calling that benefits you emotionally and brings food to the table can be mind-boggling. Even so, we should not discard our dreams just for the sake of practicality. It's not an easy road. It might take time. We might have responsibilities and other more important things to focus on. And that is valid!

Finding your calling has no set deadline.

For example, me. It took me almost three decades before I had finally decided to clip my wings, and do what my heart has been telling me to do. If we do something we love, everything else will follow, such as fame and fortune.

I hope we all find what keeps our fire alive. Let’s live a life ignited!

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