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Overcoming Fears, Overflowing Wellness

Hello, everyone!

Our last vodcast was about fear. It is timely since it was Halloween! Like my previous episodes, I did my research using reliable sources. These works are from experts. I also pitched in my insights and my experiences about this topic.

But first, let me ask you. What are you scared of?

Everybody experiences fear right from the moment we are born. As we grow older, we develop our own set of fears. I talked about the three types of fears and the five things that we never knew about fear.

Afterward, I shared an article by Amy Morin, a psychotherapist. From there, I discussed the top ten fears that hold people back in life.

  • Change – Changes can be scary. But for us to grow and progress, we must embrace changes.

  • Loneliness – We, humans, are social beings and love to live among the people who love us. But we also need to find time to be alone. We must learn how to be comfortable with only our own thoughts.

  • Failure – Failure is part of the process of achieving our goals. On the bright side, we know something that doesn’t work. Failure also leads us closer to what fits us.

  • Rejection – Rejection can hurt, but it’s not that bad. It gives you a new perspective so you can improve your next time.

  • Uncertainty – Uncertainties can be our opportunities to grow, to grab something new. Let us remind ourselves that we faced a lot of uncertainties and still survived!

  • Something bad happening – Assurance is the key here. Ensure to have backup plans, as well.

  • Getting hurt – Some things in life are worth getting hurt for. When you face the hurt, it makes you stronger.

  • Being judged – Through social media, everyone is trying hard to put their best foot forward. Sometimes, it breeds envy and insecurity. If that happens, find a life coach that will help you.

  • Losing freedom – Remember that we have free rein to make choices. And the right choices grant us the freedom we enjoy.

Because of these, here are my five life hacks that I personally use to combat my own fears

  1. Breathwork. I recommend the 4-7-8 breathing technique. I do that before a speaking engagement or workshop.

  2. Self-affirmations. Build yourself up and own it!

  3. Meditation and mindfulness. Being in control of your thoughts helps, even under pressure.

  4. Find logic when it comes to your fear. Do something that may help you overcome it. Set backup if needed. Be assured that everything’s going to be okay.

  5. Approach a professional. This allows you to go deep, unbury the causes, and do steps toward healing.

Fears are normal but don't let them stop you. Life is too beautiful to live in fear.

For #TeamReplay, feel free to watch this episode on my Facebook page @wellnessangel.

Looking for ways to start overcoming your fear? Feel free to join our Wellness Tribe! We have coaches who offer free sessions to help you overcome your fears and elevate your sense of being.

Love and light!

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