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Post-Election Wellness

Here's a recap of REFOCUS: Managing Post-Election Anxiety — our kick-off topic last night on the pilot episode of the Wellness Angel Channel.

The anxiety that this past election brought upon the Filipinos regardless of whether they were a supporter of a losing or winning candidate was uniquely surreal — more of a nightmare in a sense. I've never witnessed how hurt and wary people were after the results came out: best friends blocked one another, families stopped talking to each other, and colleagues avoided looking at each other eye-to-eye. I was one of those who wanted to drop everything and fly off to Timbuktu. While some of us have already moved on, social media is still showing a lot of mud-slinging and below the belt arguments regarding the election process and the uncertainties that lie ahead.

The discussion last night didn't dwell on the negativity or on those who either won or lost. My stories and insights were focused mainly on how to help people cope by taking some tips from articles published by Ohio State University, Brown University, and Health Line, and seeing if it's practicable. So here's a summary of how we can work on ourselves after our candidate loses the election or after losing friendships and valued relationships because of the election drama.

  1. Reconnect with family and friends — only if you're sure that both sides are ready and you feel that you are in a safe and comfortable space

  2. If you have some serious symptoms of stress and anxiety, reach out or even ask for medical help

  3. Limit your social media/news exposure

  4. Connect with yourself. Nothing beats self-mastery — know your triggers, and figure out how to manage them. Writing down your emotions help.

  5. If you're the type, find something that you can do to help your community. Keep in mind that you don't need a politician or have to be a politician to make a difference.

  6. Acknowledge your feelings, know that they're valid, and then move on.

  7. Lastly, refocus! Refocus on things that are within your control.

One of the most powerful life hacks that I received from a virtual mentor was to write down all my worries, fears, and anxieties, then cross out the things that I have no control of, and learn to focus on the things that I can work on.

"Starve your distractions, feed your focus."

~ Daniel Goleman

Bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence

and Focus, The Hidden Driver of Excellence

If you wish to watch the full recorded video search for the @wellnessangel page on FB. Be well.

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