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Reignite From Burnout

Have you ever felt so drained not knowing what’s zapping all your energy?

When we overexert ourselves, we end up getting exhausted, frustrated, and uninspired. Burnout manifests in several ways. We lose energy, our work quality suffers, and we may end up getting sick. It compromises many aspects of our lives.

There are times when we are unaware that we are suffering from burnout. We may inwardly chastise ourselves for being fatigued, and not pushing ourselves any further.. It’s very challenging to bounce back from burnout.

First, let us identify the source of our burn out. Then consider what efforts we should take to keep the fire inside us blazing.

Here are some ideas on how we could keep the fire burning:

  • Take short breaks. Try the Pomodoro Technique. Focus on your task for 25 minutes then take a short five-minute break.

  • Practice mindfulness. Do some breathing exercises, meditate, practice yoga. Tame your monkey mind.

  • Get enough sleep. If you can't, take power naps to recharge.

  • Get some exercise. You don’t need to lift weights or do hard core cardio. Just think of ways to move the different parts of your body — bend, stretch, swing your hips.

  • Don’t be afraid to look for help and support. If you’re feeling down, do something about it. Talk to someone

We must never lose our sense of self, no matter how difficult life becomes. Let us do our best to keep on track, and stay ignited.

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